Lockdown Listening/Reading List

Two posts for you this weekend, the first a list of rules to live by to make you a better player. This, the 2nd post, comes by popular demand. Here are my recommendations to keep you entertained over the next few weeks.

Listening to a podcast can be a great way of learning and keeping yourself occupied especially when out on a walk, driving or doing the gardening. Here are a few that I am listening to at the moment:

  • No Laying Up Podcast – the PGA Tour player interviewers are great, insightful, very relaxed and guaranteed to make you laugh.
  • Talent Takes Practice – Matthew Syed & Robbie Savage
  • Golf Science lab – loads of cool topics discussed on here
  • Hows my Hand Path? – more of a coaching podcast, if you’re interested in swing mechanics this is a great one to listen to.
  • Any podcast that features Scott Fawcett – course management expert with a ton of knowledge, search his name where you usually get your podcasts from.

There are too many golf books out there to count and most golfers have read the most popular names. In the list below are a few that i’d recommend that are a little abstract, and not neccessarily about golf that could really help your game:

  • Every Shot Counts – Mark Broadie. Fascinating insight into golf statistics, showing what really matters.
  • Digital Minimalism – Cal Newport. Really good read and great advice about using technology less.
  • Outliers – Malcolm Gladwell. If you haven’t read it, read it!
  • Extraordinary Golf – Fred Shoemaker. One of the best, lesser known pieces of golf literature.
  • Breaking the Slump – Jimmy Roberts. A fascinating look into golfers who have gone through ‘slumps’ with their game and how they overcame them.

If you have some others that you think people will benefit from please share them with me. Stay safe and well.


Published by Andy Thorne

Professional Golfer

One thought on “Lockdown Listening/Reading List

  1. Hi Andy Thanks very much for your blogs. Great idea to send this out. I would love to organise a lesson for when we are allowed back. This may be over optimistic, but could I book a lesson on Friday 5th or 12th March? Best regards Andrew

    Andrew Jobson 07810 778 235



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