Andy Thorne

Having first picked up a club at the age of 4, golf has been a huge part of my life for over 20 years now. I wouldn’t say golf came naturally to me, but hard work, determination and a love for the game allowed me to turn pro 20 years later. I was first scouted for the county team aged 12, obtaining a scratch handicap by the age of 18 before embarking on a golf scholarship to Averett university in southern Virginia. I spent 4 years playing golf out there before graduating with a degree in sports management and a minor in communications in 2015. After returning back to the UK, I worked for an equipment manufacturer for just under 2 years where I got into the world of custom fitting and club building. I turned pro in 2017 and moved to Worplesdon where I fulfilled my dream of playing golf professionally and my coaching journey also began. I currently play in regional and mini tour events whilst balancing a mixture of coaching, custom fitting and club building for Premium Golf at Worplesdon. I am a Titleist ambassador and play a full bag of Titleist clubs.

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