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Welcome to my resource hub, a space to collate content for my players in one place. Thoughts and ideas, golf related topics and anything discussed during my daily life as a professional golfer. A chance to share common themes that arise during coaching sessions, exercises and drills that we are finding particularly useful, advice that is applicable to many and some bits and bobs from behind the scenes. I will use this site as an opportunity to write down notes applicable to my own golf as well, giving you an insight into playing golf at a professional level.

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Form Follows Function

Apologies for the absence from the blog, the preparations for the return to golf have well and truly begun. Over the winter period I found myself writing more and more about PGA & European Tour golf but as we come out of this lockdown I anticipate posts to trend towards instruction. If there are anyContinue reading “Form Follows Function”

A Fresh Start

The end of lockdown is in sight. The date is set and the preparations can begin. Disappointingly, it is still a few weeks away but we can be positive that there is light at the end of this horribly dark tunnel. With this being one of my last posts in this strange period of ourContinue reading “A Fresh Start”

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